The Topnaar Combo tour begins with the morning Dolphin & Seal Tour, after which clients return to the Walvis Bay Tanker Jetty, before heading out on a 4x4 or quad bike excursion to a Topnaar Community.

The Topnaar live in the harsh environment of the Kuiseb River Valley near Walvis Bay and are also know as the! Aonin People (people of the marginal area). The lives of the traditional Topnaar are closely linked to the Nara plant as they not only actively harvest these, but each family owns a !Nara plantation. This close association with the Nara plant has also given rise to a third name, Naranin (people of the Nara plant).

During your visit to the community, you will learn about the importance of the Nara plant and how it is harvested. You will also have the opportunity to meet one or two local Topnaar dune artists. Fresh oysters, champagne and snacks are served during the Dolphin & Seal Cruise and some welcomed refreshments during the Sandwich Harbour drive.